Chemical Cleaning

Blackstone Pipeline’s highly experienced team offers fit-for-purpose, safe and cost-effective chemical cleaning and maintenance solutions.


Safe, effective and environmentally conscious cleaning


Our acid and caustic treatments use fit-for-purpose blends circulated through your system to clean and remove foulant. Using advanced laboratory equipment, we design the right blend to address your specific needs and maximize treatment effectiveness.


Using high-powered, innovative jet nozzle technology, our rotary tank cleaning machines combine pressure and flow to get the job done right. Tank contaminants are blasted from the surface by a concentrated stream; while at the same time, nozzles engineered to rotate in a 360° pattern ensure full-coverage cleaning. 

Lube Oil Flushing

Using high velocity circulation, Blackstone Pipeline removes unwanted contaminants from lube and hydraulic system piping. This prevents damage to small rotating equipment parts such as bearings, hydraulic controls and instrumentation. Oil is heated and circulated through the piping and then filtered to extract and collect particulate, with filtration as fine as 1 micron.

Surface Passivation

Passivation of steels is a post-fabrication process with the end goal of making surfaces more passive and corrosion resistant. This is done by restoring the surface to its original characteristics with protective oxide film.

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foam cleaning

Foam cleaning gives you the results of a comprehensive chemical clean, without a chemical unit on-site. Used for aerial coolers, Our Blackstone Pipeline experts use an eco-friendly foam, for aerial coolers. It’s applied to  the units and then rinsed away. The result is an effective clean, with no large equipment required.

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Our foam cleaning technology uses environmentally friendly chemical foam that saturates and expands into every crevice of the heat exchanger. This “green” certified, biodegradable product can go to ground even when containment is required.


Dirty fin fans can reduce the cooling efficiency of heat exchangers. Our low pressure, high volume cleaning process removes dirt and debris safely and thoroughly.


Clean exchangers result in less energy requirements, allowing fans to be turned off or run more slowly. This extends the life of the equipment, enabling production to be increased where cooling has been detrimental to output.


Traditional hydroblasting methods can damage delicate fin fans and compact debris into the centre of the tube stack. Our process completely removes dirt, debris and corrosive elements without damaging equipment.

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Blackstone Pipeline provide’s portable liquid filtration to a 5 micron particle size. This can be used to recover water from hydrotesting procedures, so that it can be returned to containment ponds or natural sources. We also provide water testing services to ensure water meets the required criterion following filtration.

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Our filtration capabilities include:

Produced water
Contaminated fresh water
Acids and caustics

In-Situ Exchanger Cleaning

Our in-situ exchanger cleaning services connect to your heat exchanger using hoses or a combination of hoses and hard piping to circulate fit-for-purpose chemistry. This chemical blend has the capacity for cleaning shell side, tube side, or both, and can be tailored to meet your specific needs based on the type of foulant (scale or hydrocarbon) being cleaned.

Vapour Phase

Blackstone Pipeline’s vapour phase chemical cleaning and maintenance services can be used to remove difficult deposits and debris in tanks, pipelines and process vessels. Stuck-on particles are loosened by injecting steam at 380°C (716°F) with chemistry. As the deposits become more viscous, they settle to the bottom of the vessel where they can be drained. Additionally, the steam can lower the concentration of volatile gases under the explosive limit (LEL) by diluting the environment.