Heat Exchanger Cleaning

Blackstone Pipeline’s exchanger cleaning services help achieve safe and effective cleaning. Through an exclusive relationship with National Exchange Corp., we provide an effective method of heat exchanger cleaning with a significantly reduced impact on the environment. Using the patented Mobile Bundle Cleaner (MBC), we remove fouling to the core of the exchanger, restoring heat transfer to near design specification.


Heat exchanger cleaning with significantly reduced environmental impact


Advanced Solutions for Exchanger Cleaning & Service

Through exclusive relationships with Conco Systems and National Heat Exchange Corp., Blackstone Pipeline & Environmental Solutions offers cutting-edge products and services for the inspection and cleaning of condensers and heat exchangers.

  • Low pressure, <100 psi: increased personal safety
  • 5,000 L water use vs. >150,000 L for high pressure blasting
  • Job specific chemistry
  • Environmentally friendly internal storage of hazardous fouling
  • Step-away control panels for increased safety

Reduced Environmental Impact

  • Significantly reduced contaminated water compared to traditional high-pressure washing methods


  • Low pressure operation is safer than traditional high-pressure water blasting techniques


  • Bundle cleaning offers the ability to restore between 92% and 98% heat transfer efficiency
  • Single or double bundle capacity
  • Spray constantly hits bundle on both sides, full length, as it rotates during cleaning.


  • High volume nozzles ensuring all surfaces are reached
  • Cleaning chemical is continually processed through a closed kidney loop filtration system
  • Bundle is completely cleaned to the centre


Technologically Advanced Exchanger Tube Cleaning

At Blackstone Pipeline & Environmental Solutions we package a combination of advanced technology solutions to ensure that your service is completed as safely, effectively & efficiently as possible.

Our solutions include:

  • Excaliber Pneumatic Flex Drive

    ○ Air powered up to 60’ long
    ○ Intert

  • ProSeries 200B Tube Cleaning System

    ○ 13 to 38 mm with a 300 psi water flush at 36 gpm

  • TrufitTM tube cleaners
  • Job specific chemistry