Nitrogen Services

As a non-reactive gas, nitrogen is used to support industrial facilities and refineries. Blackstone Pipeline & Environmental Solutions offers a full fleet of advanced equipment and an experienced team, to provide reliable, fit-for-purpose nitrogen assisted industrial services.



fit-for-purpose Equipment to get the job done right.


The cool-down time needed for facilities requiring shut downs for maintenance can be lengthy. Our nitrogen assisted, accelerated cool-down services for reactors, furnaces and turbines make this procedure more efficient.

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After first gaining a thorough understanding of the process, metallurgy and constraints, we design a program that accurately manages the system while ensuring a faster cool-down and reducing shut-down time.


Catalysts are critical to facility operations but can also present significant safety hazards. Blackstone Pipeline’s catalyst handling and support service provides a safe and effective method for catalyst management. Using nitrogen, our experts create an inert environment that allows work to be completed safely for optimized facility performance. 

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The Hot stripping process uses nitrogen to burn off any residual hydrocarbons remaining in the system, after a facility shutdown. These measures ensure the equipment is ready and at the proper operating temperature before the introduction of process gases or fluids. Using our fit-for-purpose equipment, we pump hot nitrogen through the system, allowing work to start again safely and effectively. 

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Using our fit-for-purpose equipment, we pump hot nitrogen through the system, allowing work to resume again safely and effectively. 

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Leak detection, both onshore and offshore, can cost both time and money. However, detecting and eliminating leaks is critical to successful operations and is a necessary part of commissioning and start-up procedures, because undetected leaks can create significant safety hazards including events such as flash fires or sour gas leaks. 

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Helium Leak Testing is used in:

Gas plants
Compressor stations
Chemical plants
Offshore platforms

Helium leak testing helps find small leaks with inert, non-volatile compounds. A mixture of nitrogen and helium (usually 1%) is injected into the system. Each joint, valve, and connection are taped, following which a detector is used to probe each connection to determine if a leak exists. If leaks are found in the system, the pressure is bled off, the connection is repaired, and the process is repeated until all leaks are eliminated. This practice reduces oxygen concentrations and leaves an inert blanket of nitrogen in the system. Additionally, this method of testing can help discover other issues, and can be used to simulate operational situations. 

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Industrial facilities often require services to be completed on active lines. Nitrogen is used in industrial services for Pipe freezing/freeze plugging. It provides the ability to isolate a section requiring maintenance. Pipe freezing is a fast, clean and effective method, useful for completing work on active lines without having to isolate or drain an entire piping system. 

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Using a “jacket” injected with liquid nitrogen we are able to create a freeze plug that isolates part of the line. Freeze plugs can also be used to locate small leaks during hydrotesting by reducing the length of pipeline by half with every isolation.

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Blanketing uses nitrogen to fill the space in storage tanks containing flammable liquids or solids. By replacing the air in the vessel with an inert gas like nitrogen, hazards from combustible materials can be prevented. Blackstone Pipeline uses nitrogen blanketing can be used to maintain a dry, inert environment that inhibits tank corrosion. 

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Displacement involves moving gases or liquids to make it safe to work in a particular section of a facility. The process is achieved using gas, often nitrogen, and requires detailed calculations and simulations. With an experienced team and state-of-the-art nitrogen pumping equipment, we design and execute reliable programs with predictable results. 

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Nitrogen inerting is a technique that provides a safe working environment for carrying out hot work maintenance in the presence of hydrocarbons. Nitrogen inerting is fast, reliable, cost-effective, and eliminates the risk of hydrocarbon explosions.

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Testing a facility’s mechanical integrity prior to use is fundamental to maintaining safe and effective operations. Blackstone Pipeline provides thorough and reliable pneumatic pressure testing services using data acquisition and analysis to provide accurate results that exceed the requirements for certification.  

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Purging involves moving or diluting gases or liquids until it becomes safe to work in that section of the facility or pipeline. Our process is achieved using gas, often nitrogen. This requires detailed calculations and simulations. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art nitrogen pumping equipment, we design and execute reliable Industrial services programs with predictable results.