Nitrogen Services

As a non-reactive gas, nitrogen services are used to support pipelines. Blackstone Pipeline & Environmental Solutions offers a full fleet of advanced equipment and an experienced team, to provide reliable, fit-for-purpose nitrogen solutions.



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Displacement makes it safe to work in a particular section of a facility by moving hazardous gases, or liquids. We execute reliable displacement programs with predictable results.

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Testing a facility’s mechanical integrity prior to use is fundamental to maintaining safe and effective operations. We offer thorough and reliable pneumatic pressure testing services using data acquisition and analysis to provide accurate results that exceed the requirements for certification.  

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Helium leak testing

Helium leak testing helps find small leaks with inert, non-volatile compounds. If leaks are found in the system, the pressure is bled off, and the connection is repaired. This process is repeated until all leaks are eliminated. Helium leak testing can also help discover other issues, and can be used to simulate operational situations. 

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Nitrogen inerting with Blackstone is a fast, reliable, and cost-effective. With Nitrogen inerting we can eliminate the risk of hydrocarbon explosions, and provides a safe working environment for maintenance in the presence of hydrocarbons. 

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We design and execute reliable purging programs with predictable results. The purging process involves moving or diluting gases or liquids until it becomes safe to work in that section of a facility or pipeline. This process is achieved using gas, often nitrogen, and requires detailed calculations and simulations. 

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When there is work to be done on active lines, freeze plugs are required. Freeze plugs can provide the ability to isolate sections that require maintenance, instead of purging the entire line.

Freeze plugs can also be used to locate small leaks during hydrotesting, by reducing the length of pipeline by half with every isolation.