& Commissioning

The Blackstone Pipeline team offers a number of pre-commissioning and commissioning services to ensure you have the capacity to begin moving your product safely and effectively, so you’re positioned for success. 



We believe in giving our customers peace of mind for what they value most

Back Pressure Pad

Back pressure pads can play an important role in effective, efficient and safe pipeline operations. Using nitrogen, back pressure pads address two critical elements of flooding a pipeline with product: safety & product separation. 

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Product separation
Product separation is a serious issue that can cause the collapse of a pipe. We engineer back pressure programs, specifically designed to hold fluid back and avoid any separation.

Blackstone Pipeline uses back pressure pads to create an inert environment that eliminates the risk of an explosion for safer operations.


Hydrotests can play an essential role in pipeline commissioning. Our experienced project managers, operators and engineers can determine material strength, find gross leaks, and provide hydrotest solutions for pipelines, tanks, vessels, and facility piping.


When a valve cannot be isolated and work is required downstream, or when searching for leaks during a hydrotest, nitrogen assisted freezing and viscous fluid sealing can be effective. Blackstone Pipeline’s nitrogen assisted freezing process uses closed-chamber freeze isolation to ensure safety, while temporarily quarantining the required section of pipe.

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In the situation where a valve will not properly seal, and bypass is a concern, we have developed viscous fluid seal solutions to effectively address the issue. Applications include:



Drying is a critical step for maintaining the integrity and performance of your pipeline. Pipeline drying can be achieved using a variety of methods including nitrogen, air, methanol, and swabs. 

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Blackstone Pipeline’s engineered drying service provides up to -40°C/F system dew point. This ensures water will not contaminate product pipelines, cause corrosion, or cause process upset. Additionally, drying helps in the elimination of hydrates in gas processes and pipelines.

helium leak testing icon
Leak Check

There are many different reasons to leak test a pipeline and a variety of methods that can be used. Many leak testing methods rely on changing the system pressure, and/or injecting and detecting a chemical. Our expertise in pressure pumping and chemical processes enables us to perform expert leak detection services using a wide range of methods.


The most effective pipeline cleaning and pigging comes from a thorough investigation and understanding of line contents and deposits. Our system-specific programs use selective chemistries for black powder removal and abatement, wax removal, asphaltene removal, and engineered viscous fluid programs for inorganic deposit removal. 

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These proven chemical remediation techniques, combined with the best pigging technologies, ensure you get a comprehensively cleaned system.