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Grouting, or filling a pipeline with cement, is an economical way to abandon the system. Using this in-place pipeline decommissioning method requires a thorough analysis to ensure safety and structural integrity are maintained. Our experienced pipeline services team considers a wide range of factors to determine the best fill material, volume, and injection rates to be used, so you get a fit-for-purpose solution to get the job done right. 


The most effective pipeline cleaning and pigging comes from a thorough investigation and understanding of line contents and deposits. Our system-specific programs use selective chemistries for black powder removal and abatement, wax removal, asphaltene removal, and engineered viscous fluid programs for inorganic deposit removal. These proven chemical remediation techniques, combined with the best pigging technologies, ensure you get a comprehensively cleaned system. 


Purging involves moving or diluting gases or liquids until it becomes safe to work in that section of the facility or pipeline. The process is achieved using gas, often nitrogen, and requires detailed calculations and simulations. With an experienced team and state-of-the-art nitrogen pumping equipment, we design and execute reliable programs with predictable results.