We offer comprehensive pipeline operation services including maintenance, support and testing solutions to keep your pipeline functioning as efficiently, effectively and safely as possible.



You can trust us to guide your pipeline through environmentally sensitive areas  

Corrosion Inhibitor Batching

When a pipeline isn’t going to be used for an extended period of time, the possibility of corrosion can increase. Corrosion can affect the lifecycle of your pipeline operation, as well as its structural integrity. The introduction of corrosion inhibitors is an effective way to control this issue.

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To be successful with this method, it is essential to use the right chemistry for your unique situation. Blackstone Pipeline has extensive experience in this area – we perform a thorough investigation and use continuous and batch injection equipment to determine and apply fit-for-purpose inhibitors that stop corrosion and maintain pipeline integrity. 

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Leak Detection

There are many different reasons to leak test a pipeline and a variety of methods that can be used. Many leak testing methods rely on changing the system pressure, and/or injecting and detecting a chemical. Our expertise in pressure pumping and chemical processes enables us to perform expert leak detection services using a wide range of methods.


Purging involves moving or diluting gases or liquids until it becomes safe to work in that section of the facility or pipeline. The process is achieved using gas, often nitrogen, and requires detailed calculations and simulations. With our experienced team and state-of-the-art nitrogen pumping equipment, we design and execute reliable programs with predictable results. 

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Leak detection is critical to maintaining pipeline integrity. Our flow proving technique involves simulating leaks at a variety of different flow rates. This procedure assesses the accuracy and reliability of your leak detection software to discover any issues and ensure safe and effective operations. 


When a valve cannot be isolated and work is required downstream, or for leak detection during a hydrotest, nitrogen assisted freezing and viscous fluid sealing can be effective solutions. Blackstone Pipeline nitrogen assisted freezing uses closed chamber freeze isolation to ensure safety while temporarily quarantining the required section of pipe.


The most effective pipeline cleaning and pigging comes from a thorough investigation and understanding of line contents and deposits. Our system-specific programs use selective chemistries for black powder removal and abatement, wax removal, asphaltene removal, and engineered viscous fluid programs for inorganic deposit removal. These proven chemical remediation techniques, combined with the best pigging technologies, ensure you get a comprehensively cleaned system.