StudyAerial Cooler Foam Cleaning
LocationFort McMurray, Alberta
ServiceClient required several different Aerial Coolers to be cleaned with use of crane and man basket.

Aerial Cooler Foam Cleaning Service

Aerial Cooler Foam Cleaning

In the current economic climate, efforts to increase operational efficiency and decrease operational expenses continues to be an ongoing challenge. Aerial coolers continue to play an important role in process facilities for their simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Aerial coolers (or Fin Fans) are usually found in banks of multiple units and used as a cooling device in plant processes or as sour product cooling in SAGD prior to re-injections.  Aerial Coolers utilize multiple fans in each bank to force air against the tubes which run single or multiple passes in the bank. Each of these tubes has fins on the outside diameter (OD) it to increase the efficiency of heat dispersal.

One of the most difficult aspects with maintaining optimal performance of this equipment is with the cleanliness of the tubes and fins. Clients want safe, effective cleaning solutions that minimize risks and costs to their operations.


Our engaged our 3rd party vendor to modify Protocol K-300i, an environmentally friendly, biodegradable liquid cleaner. Designed to penetrate and bind to dust, pollen, dirt, hydrocarbons etc. for more effective removal, K-300i is easily applied to equipment through our foam system which aerates and expands the volume of liquid. This expansion along with gravity is advantageous in ensuring even small crevices contact chemistry without requiring direct line of sight of the application tool. After a pre-determined soak time, the chemistry is rinsed with regular potable water via a fire nozzle on the foaming hose.


We have applied this treatment method on numerous coolers with great success. Our clients have reported cooling improvements after cleaning and our process prevents damage to the fins that a pressure washer can cause and that our chemistry is environmentally friendly.