Aerial Tube Cleaning Service
Aerial Tube Cleaning Service Solution
StudyAerial Tube Cleaning
LocationLa Corey, Alberta
ServiceClient required the fouled tube sections of several Aerial Coolers to be cleaned.


Aerial Cooler Tube Cleaning

In the current economic climate, efforts to increase operational efficiency and decrease operational expenses continues to be an ongoing challenge. Aerial coolers continue to play an important role in process facilities for their simplicity and cost effectiveness.

Aerial cooler tubes run parallel along the finned surfaces, their internals need to remain clean as they serve an imperative role to maintaining the unit’s optimal performance and reliability. These tube surfaces often can become fouled with contaminants that results in heat transfer loss at the customer facilities.

Clients want safe, effective cleaning solutions that minimize risks and costs to their operations.


We used Conco customized tube cleaning methods in conjunction with our own tube bridges design to complete this task. Each tube is flushed to prove communication than loaded with the tube cleaner. Motivation is provided by the water pressure (350 psi) that also remove all the contaminants. Upon completion, our operators inspected the tubes to make certain debris has been removed and that the tube cleaner made a complete pass. With this process, there was minimal equipment set-up within a small area.


We are the sole distributor for Conco products and services in Canada. We can offer this innovative technology to our customers, including Conco’s ‘Tru-Fit’ tube cleaners. Conco cleaning process is faster and safer than the competitors’ traditional high-pressure cleaning options.  Conco’s ‘Tru-Fit’ cleaner also eliminates risk to the customer for potential tube damage that can occur in traditional high-pressure pencil lancing methods.