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Facility Inhibitor Injection Services

Facility Inhibitor Injection

Due to time delays between hydrotest completion of Facility Construction Projects and the In-Service Date (ISD) for various pipeline projects the facilities piping may require extended preservation by means of a corrosion inhibiting treatment.  The water based inhibitor treatment is introduced into the facility piping to prevent microbiologically induced corrosion (MIC) propagating in the residual hydrotest fluid located at the various low points of facility piping.

To protect the internal pump components from corrosion within their idle pumps resulting from time delays between pump installation and the In-Service Date (ISD), some clients have specified that an oil based concentrate pump inhibitor is injected into the inside of the pumps through the pump vent.


Either as specified within equipment specifications or working with our clients to address their corrosion concerns.  We applied a water based inhibitor at various facility piping locations and oil based concentrate at various pump station locations throughout northeastern Alberta.  Our team provided equipment, manpower, technical services and expertise required to provide internal corrosion protection for designated piping installation at multiple locations.

For below ground applications we utilized the corrosion inhibitor Zerion FVS-B from Zerust Oil & Gas which is diluted with a 50:50 mixture of propylene glycol (an antifreeze depressant) and water than injected at the specified facility locations.  For above ground applications Zerion FVS-B was diluted with a 60:40 mixture of propylene glycol (an antifreeze depressant) and water to ensure the mixture was rated to -45OC than injected at the specified facility locations.  Zerust Zerion FVS-B is a versatile new corrosion inhibitor specifically designed to protect ferrous metals in aggressive corrosion environments where there is the possibility of the accumulation of water, moisture and/or water ingress.  FVS-B provides unique dual action corrosion protection which provides a new dimension of effectiveness making FVS the best in class in the market today.

Zerion FVS-B’s dual action corrosion protection includes:

  • Vapor Corrosion Inhibitors (VCLs) to protect the interiors of “air space” voids and exposed metal surfaces on welded joints, in crevices, at coating holidays, etc.
  • Soluble Corrosion Inhibitors (SCIs) that mitigate corrosion from moisture accumulation or the Ingress of water.

This dual action protection combination penetrates gaps and interstices inside of enclosed voids to provide comprehensive protection.

We also procured and injected the Oil Concentrate VpCL-322 at various pump station locations throughout northeastern and eastern Alberta.  VpCL-322 is an oil based concentrate that adds corrosion protection to lubricating or hydraulic oils.  VpCL-322 provides excellent protection in indoor or open-air conditions.  First, oil-soluble corrosion inhibitors offer a tenacious film which clings to metal surfaces, giving excellent contact corrosion protection.  Second, VpCL-322 releases Vapor Phase Corrosion Inhibitors into the air above the oil where these VpCLs attach to metal surfaces for additional corrosion protection.


Effective and efficient facility inhibitor injection to meet or exceed our clients’ schedule and cost requirements.

Zero safety incidents.