Leak Detection Fluid Withdrawal Testing
Leak Detection Fluid Withdrawal
Leak Detection Fluid Withdrawal test
StudyLiquid Hydrocarbon Pipeline Leak Detection – Fluid Withdrawal Testing (FWT)
LocationMultiple locations throughout North America
ServiceLeak Detection - Fluid withdrawal testing

Liquid Hydrocarbon Pipeline Leak Detection – Fluid Withdrawal Testing (FWT)

The evaluation of a client’s Leak Detection system [Mass Balance System (MBS)] is completed by simulating an uncontrolled release from a pipeline.  This simulation is achieved by withdrawing product from within the client’s pipeline at a station and or terminal.  An existing connection typically a flanged valve is used as the tie-point to withdraw product during testing and re-injecting the product back into the facility after testing is complete.  Temporary oilfield piping is used to connect from the tie-point to the Fluid Withdrawal Skid.  The skid provides measurement and control for the test under diverse types of operating conditions – during shutdown, shut-in, startup and while operational at various flow rates.  Product withdrawn from the client’s pipeline is stored in temporary tankage at the client’s station site.  Once a test is complete, the product contained within the temporary tankage is re-injected back into the pipeline using an initial centrifugal pump which feeds the oilfield frac pumps required to increase the pressure for reinjection back into the pipeline.

Blackstone Pipeline & Environmental Solutions can supply Temporary Oilfield Piping, Temporary Valves, Tank Farm with containment complete with tank manifold (with pressure gauge) to isolate specific tanks, Temporary Tankage (either 400 bbl upright tanks or horizontal frac tanks), Fluid Pump Unit, Nitrogen Pumper (or tube trailer), Vapour Recovery Unit and Chemical Cleaner Pumper, Fire and First Aid Trucks as directed by the client.  Site requirements for containment and rig matting for the footprint of test set-up are to be determined based on each individual site’s requirements


Experienced, knowledgeable, extremely able and courteous operations personnel at clients site. On-site Engineering support during the FWT’s. Experience performing Fluid Withdrawal Tests at client’s station sites in Canada (5 FWT’s) and United States (4 FWT’s).